Pregnancy and alcohol free drinks

Here's the facts about pregnancy and drinking

If you drink alcohol during pregnancy, you place your baby at risk of foetal alcohol syndrome.

The defects that are part of foetal alcohol syndrome are irreversible and can include serious physical, mental and behavioral problems, though they vary from one child to another.

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Alcohol free beerWines and beers have been created and enjoyed for thousands of years. However times have changed, and today many people choose to enjoy a drink but without the alcohol. This website is for those who prefer alcohol free wines and beers.

Why alcohol free?

There are many reasons why people may choose not to consume alcoholic drinks - pregnancy, alcoholism, drink driving, weight issues and general health are just some. Our alcohol free wines and beers allow people to enjoy wine with a meal or a beer or two at a function while keeping within healthy limits.

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May I thank you for sharing our alcohol free evolution. Cheers and your very best good health!

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